28th November 2022

- Updates made in Peeps storage now reflected on live-streams
- Passive piko fixed on live-streams
- Fixed exit button on login screen
- Peeps now leave at the correct times
- Peeps sorting order fixed. Most active at the front. Subscribers infront of viewers


27th November 2022

- Peeps now checks for connected Twitch account
- Added exit button to login screen
- Register button now opens sign up page on website
- Selling is now functional
- Peeps storage new processing animation
- Peeps storage UI locks while processing
- Item info now correctly shows over other UI
- Added refresh button to Peeps storage


24th November 2022

- Equiping items now functional
- Can no longer exit storage while processing equip
- Fixed two-tone hair when missing second colour
- Item menu now hides correctly on leaving storage screen
- Removing items now writes to chat
- Crotch layer drawing correctly after leg item change


22nd November 2022

- Added new items
- Basic storage interface added
- UI rework
- Peeps data now loads on joining menu for first time
- Fixed bug with fixed layers on items